Friday, March 27, 2009

Eric Cohler: Oceans 3 Showhouse

Part of the living are in Eric Cohler's Oceans 3 Condo

I was seriously blown away by the April issue of Traditional Home. I'll be honest. I have never been a huge fan of traditional interiors, but I love the direction they are taking and the fact that they are showcasing modern traditional homes with a bit of an eclectic spin. I think over time, our style tends to evolve and I am definitely starting to gravitate towards this look.

Eric Cohler's design for his condo in the Traditional Home Oceans 3 Showhouse completely exemplifies this look. He says, "I wanted to give a global view not limited by the ocean". The Showhouse is anything but a beach house and features three condos designed by Amanda Nisbet (see my post on her rendition here), Eric Cohler, and Philip Gorivan, whose design is yet to be unveiled. I must say that so far, Eric's condo is my favorite. I absolutely love what he has done and think his take on traditional interiors is spot on.

The windows in the dining room offer sweeping views of the ocean in Montauk. The amazing sawhorse dining table is by Ralph Lauren and the chairs are Eric Cohler's design. The wrought iron and wood bead chandelier is from Donna Parker Habitat Limited Antiques. The draperies are Lee Jofa.

Cohler chose a neutral palette punctuated by various shades of blue.
The antique chairs came from Old Town Crossing and the Game Table is by Eric Cohler. The basket is from Mecox Gardens and Style L Aluminum Floor Lamp is from Ralph Lauren. I love the contrast it gives against the otherwise very traditional pieces.
In the kitchen, Cohler chose contrasting cabinetry in Ivory and Coffee Bean finishes. He opted for modern hardware and used cowhide counter stools of his design.

The library is just beautiful! I love the faux bois wallpaper, graphic pillows, and amazing light fixture. The Tang table lamp is from Circa Lighting.

"I wanted the bedrooms to feel urbane and elegant even though they are in a beach house," explains Cohler. In the master bedroom, that goal translated as a handsome Modern History secretary, an antique French chair, a high tufted American Leather headboard, and a shapely all-upholstered bench with hidden storage that Cohler designed for Lee Jofa."

The master bedroom features a private patio overlooking the ocean.

Cohler selected natural stone surfaces, such as the grained, polished Equator Marmara marble tile from Artistic Tile for the master bathroom.
A second shot of the master bathroom shows a couple of Kohler vanities and silver leaf tiles from Artistic Tile.

The girl's bedroom features vibrant colors and modern touches. That isn't wallpaper! The walls were painted in six-inch vertical stripes. The pink chair is by Rob Jones, and the lighting is Eric Cohler for Visual Comfort available through Circa Lighting. The bold rug is from Megerian Rugs.
How great is this children's room? The Calabar wallcovering from Lee Jofa is very "Where the Wild Things Are" and that shade of blue is beautiful.

This is my favorite room in the house. I love the brown and blue palette and the use of modern elements like the upholstered headboard paired with something like the Louis J. Solomon bench, which lends a traditional sense of elegance to the room. The desk lamps are Thomas O'Brien for Visual Comfort and the drapery and wallcovering is from Lee Jofa.

It gets even better! A second view of the room reveals an amazing Somerset Bay chest paired with a Henredon quatrefoil mirror. Seriously, how fabulous is that chest? I can think of so many types of décor that it would look great with. Be still my heart!

All images via Traditional Home


katiedid said...

I loved alot of this peice too! That bathroom blew me away! But then Eric Cohler is one of my very favorites!

Lauren said...

That bathroom is amazing. GORGEOUS! Thanks for posting these fabulous pictures!!

Jill said...

I'm not a "traditional" designer, but I've always loved Traditional Home magazine. I loved the striated marble in the bathroom. What did you think about the wallpaper? Too much?

Anonymous said...

That bathroom is insane! The furniture in the last pic is gorgeous.

Marybeth said...

Great post.

SDP said...

Love your examples. They are ideal for expressing today's style in more than just home decor. The yellow and gray are hot in fashion as well.

If you ever wonder what the next trend will be with interior design, look to the run ways. They will walk you to the cutting edge of design.

Anonymous said...

Love the vibrant colors in the living and gril room.

Postcards from New York said...

Your posts are always a journey of enrichment for mind and heart and speak to me in a far more immediate and intimate way than Architectual Digest ever will. Absolutely a tantalizing treat. Thank you. I recently shared the "One Lovely Blog Award" with you on my blog.

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

Postcards from NY, thank you so much. That has to be the sweetest comment I have ever received. You've made my day!

Love Where You Live said...

I'm glad they're turning the corner and heading to featuring more relaxed and eclectic traditional looks!! I enjoy seeing decor that isn't overly influenced by the area environment. Nice balance...-susan

Anonymous said...

So funny that you did this post today. I was looking at TH again this morning over coffee and even though I'm a follower of Eric Cohler's work something about that big glass table in the middle of the room taking up so much space and blocking your access to the view - I just can't seem to get my mind around it. The den was probably the most pulled together Cohler look, but the rest of the crazy color combinations left me cold. Maybe he's going through an experimental phase now that he's got a new homebase in Charleston ?

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

Anon, you certainly have a point about the scale of the dining table. I think they wanted the showhouse to be very bold and colorful. Amanda Nisbet also utilized lots of colors. I guess you are a "purist" of traditional design. :)

Anonymous said...

That Somerset Bay chest is gorgeous, but super expensive! Check out the copy at Home Decorators Collection, the "Left Bank Chest". Same look for a minute fraction of the price. I just ordered two to use as nightstands in my bedroom. They are a bit smaller than the Somerset Bay one.