Sunday, September 30, 2007

Everyone Loves a little Gossip

I love Manhattan, fashion, over-the-top teen drama (it's part of my unofficial job description) and I must admit, gossip. Now, I can and will definitely keep a secret and I wouldn't consider myself loose-lipped, especially not in comparison to most of my friends. However, I do love hearing juicy, little tidbits every now and then. Naturally, I love the CW's new show, Gossip Girl. It has all the makings of a fine, little guilty pleasure. It seems that I am lucky that I haven't read the series of books by the same name because those who have, seem to be having a tough time getting past the casting on the show. It's sort of like The OC meets Cruel Intentions with lots of fabulous New York scenery and an amazing soundtrack. I do have to wonder if the creators of these shows have ever met real teenagers, though. I don't think I've ever had students who look like that.

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I can't believe I have missed the first 2 episodes. I need to watch these on You Tube to get caught up!