Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Coming Up for Air

Work has been crazy lately. I've been so busy working on lessons and grading AP essays and tests. On top of all that, our administration expects us to do all kinds of ridiculous things because we apparently have nothing better to do.

Sometimes teaching can be frustrating for a variety of reasons, but I feel like the most common reason is feeling under appreciated. Unlike with other careers, we do not reap any rewards for putting in countless extra hours and going the extra mile for our students. There are no promotions. There are no performance-based raises. Ultimately, I have to remind myself that I don't do this for the money (Obviously!) but for my students and for my love of foreign languages and cultures.

Today was interesting because I felt completely spent and overextended in both body and mind. However, a ton of my current and former students were really sweet throughout the day and let me know how much they enjoy my class or how much they miss having me as their teacher. I got high fives and hugs and even had a group of my former students come visit me this afternoon to catch up and let me know that they wish they were still taking Spanish with me. It's those moments that make it all worth it.

I have some ideas for new posts and will come back to write them as soon as I can come up for air.

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