Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mini van cabs only, please.

Many of my guilty pleasures are of the televised variety. Among them, is Discovery Channel's fabulous Cash Cab, a show on which unsuspecting New Yorkers hail a cab and soon find out that they are in for the ride of their lives.

The passengers are greeted by flashing LED panels in the mini-van's ceiling and cabbie / comedian extraordinaire, Ben Bailey. If they agree to be on the show, they are asked a series of questions, each of which is worth $25-$200. The players are asked a multiple choice question and are given 30 seconds to answer. They also get a mobile shout out and a street shout out. In the end, they are given the option of walking away with what they've won or they can answer a double or nothing video question.
A group of professors recently won $1,500 and then doubled their money! Can you imagine winning $3,000 during a cab ride?! There have been so many episodes during which I have yelled out answers at my t.v. and cheered for the contestants (or cursed the dumb as rocks bastards who didn't deserve to be on the show), wishing that I had been the one taking a cab from the East Village up to the MoMa. I even won $1,400 once! Well, I didn't really win the money, but I would have if I had just been in the damn cab.

Fabian and I are heading up to New York in a couple of weeks and you'd better believe that I am dragging his ass into every mini-van cab I see until I am startled by flashing lights and hear the sweet sound of Ben Bailey say, "You're on a Discovery Channel game show called Cash Cab".

Check out a few clips from the show:


Sherri said...

I love Cash Cab! I watch at the gym, and I have to say that I kick trivia ass!

Gina---again!!! lol said...

Never seen it, but now I will have to watch it! Please let me know if you get on the Cash Cab show!!! I can see Fabian's Face NOW!!! LOL!! Have fun in New YORK!