Friday, July 13, 2007

Do they speak Spanish in Spain?

I am a high school Spanish teacher. While my job can be really fun at times and was rewarding and fulfilling before I transfered to the suburbs, there is only so much ignorance one can stomach. Now, I have many, many stories from my adventures in teaching. I'll have to fill you in on them in August once I am back in teacher mode (I've checked out for the summer). Until then, I'll leave you with a delicious, little amuse bouche to whet your palate.

This past year, I had my Spanish 3 students put together a travel presentation on a Spanish- speaking country of their choice. As they were signing up for their countries, I had a kid ask "Do they speak Spanish in Spain?". Hmm, español… España. Do you sense a connection? Yes, I am serious and I'm afraid he was, too.


Anonymous said...

I laugh at this post, but I weep for our future.

GINA said...

Hmmmmm Spanish 3????? Someone was given the HIGH FIVE TO THE NEXT GRADE!!!

Kristan said...

Uh... wow.