Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Model Life

TLC's A Model Life is quickly shaping up to be one of my favorite shows on TV. It is a huge departure from America's Next Top Model, though they do have one thing in common. They are both hosted by successful models. The first by Petra Nemcova and the latter by Tyra Banks. This is where the similarities end.

A Model Life follows six working models in New York. They have come from as far as Australia, Slovakia, and Brazil, but they have all worked in their native countries. The same cannot be said for most of the girls on ANTM. These girls actually have the potential to be successful models, unlike the ANTM girls, whose greatest claim to fame is being a Brady wife. Plus, this show doesn't have any screaming, over the top drag queens, and I don't mean Miss Jay!

The girls on A Model Life are working towards a contract with the Next Modeling Agency and are mentored by Petra. They do real photo shoots with real clients and go on real go-sees or castings with clients such as Luca Luca and Nicole Miller.

The most surprising thing of all is that the six girls seem to get along quite well. With the exception of Angelika's attitude, they are all sweet girls and seem to be great friends. My current favorites are the gorgeous Lucia from Slovakia (at left) and Valeria from Australia who has been dubbed mini-Petra (above right). The show airs Friday nights at 9 pm central time. Set your TiVo!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, stumbled onto your blog. Nice.

I love Model Life. It's nice to see so many good, decent girls. Very little drama.

Angelika bothers me. She's just poor white trash. She doesn't know it yet.